knife crime

We see it all over the news on a daily basis. Another stabbing, another death. Another senseless killing, another parent burying their child. London stabbings has reached an all time high this year in 2018 and continues to rise. Even on the date of posting this, the statistics mentioned will be redundant and would have escalated even further.

* 46 fatal stabbings since beginning of 2018.

* 1296 stabbings in London up to end of April.

* 250 knives and swords seized in February in 1 week.

* 283 people (mainly teens) arrested carrying a knife.


The problem is real and over here at ACMS, the battle against knife crime is an incredibly important initiative to us and what we represent.


Its a rising epidemic that needs all our help from every layer of the infrastructure. The youth of today need voices that they can listen to, places they feel safe to go and a platform to educate. We want to help raise awareness and teach young people about the dangers of carrying a knife and the consequences it entails through our digital screens.

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