London is the world capital of the fried chicken shop. Its ubiquitous. But what kicked off this love affair? You see it everywhere, by 4pm in London — kids fresh from school in the chicken shop. They don't want an artisan sandwich, or to sit down at a gentrified chicken place in Soho and pay a jacked up price for something Bossman has been doing for years.


Its the convenient tasty dinner to pick up for the family after a long day at work and the must have post-rave munch to appease that pang of hunger. Chicken shops are more than a part of London — they are London. 

Scattered around the city, your local chicken shop symbolises everything from your ends, to the people in your community. It means something different to everyone which is what makes it so special.

healthy chicken

On paper, healthy choices exist, but culturally and practically, certain habits are the norm and beyond these are alternatives that seem destined to stay exactly that – alternative. With health-conscious local councils cracking down - where is it headed?   Is it inevitable that chicken shops only deliver unhealthy menus?

We don’t think so. There’s glimpses of a better approach already, from independent shops that have adopted better practices that show  that  not  everything  has  to  be  deep  fried to be popular amongst teenagers.  

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