our story

It's 01:00 on a Saturday morning. Our local high street hums of fried chicken. At Chicken Cottage - one of 3 chicken shops on the road, 8000 in London, and over 10,000 in the UK - business is booming. 


Standing in line, there are art students, to hoodies, to pub-goers spilling out from last orders, to thirty-something hipsters. The lights are blinding, and the vibe, famished. 

Attacking our fourth chunk, we wonder whether, in a world of polished advertising, campaign hashtags, and digital defiance, chicken shops have found a niche.


Never has there been an opportunity that can target the youth, ethnics and urban city audiences with ease. Never has there been an opportunity to target them at a time when they're traditionally hard to reach. Why has no one pushed the chicken across the road? Suddenly, a fellow diner leaps to his feet and approaches the counter. 'Oi Bossman! Give me six more wings!  Man's chicken  game  is  STRONG!’


He  ain’t  seen  nothing yet. 

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