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The Audience



We are a notoriously elusive market who are more aware of advertising than ever before. We are tech savvy and connected to social media making it easier than ever to reach us. We are however subjected to more noise and clutter so learn to filter effectively.

We want to be informed, not interrupted, and want ads to be useful and entertaining. We need brands to connect with us emotionally, and to understand who we really are.

OUR Chicken
shops serve
80% 16–34

‘Chicken shops are the only place outside of the home that inner city kids can go to actually chill…’

Ethnically Diverse Audiences

We account for 14% of the UK population. We have a purchasing power of more than £300bn. We are a younger marketplace with 80% under 25 years. We are a growing population that is estimated to be a third of the UK population by 2050.

We believe that true inclusivity is about understanding the different needs of our varied communities. Generation, age, language, location, and country of origin are all significant variables that determine just how much we divert from mainstream culture.

OUR Chicken
shops serve
70% Ethnically
Diverse Audiences

The British Muslim consumer base of 1.8 million represents a spending power of £20.5 billion


Our family home provides a cultural centre which protects our traditions to be passed on to generations. We adopt western culture when relevant, as part of a conscious process. We enjoy seeing advertising that is aligned with our family’s cultural habits including special offers that keep in theme with religious festivals or occasions.

OUR Chicken
shops serve
55% HW & KIDS

‘Chicken shops are a cost effective option that is popular with the family…..after working long hours I don’t often have time to cook…’