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Chicken Cottage

Chicken Cottage is one of the fastest growing British franchises with an established global presence. The first Chicken Cottage restaurant was opened in Wembley, North London in 1994 and it was there the Chicken Cottage concept began to take shape. Even the mayor is a fan; ‘Chicken Cottage is a British product that is doing a fantastic amount in our country…over the last period Chicken Cottage has created 1,000 new jobs in our country, added £50m to the UK’s GDD and over the next five years will be creating 400 new jobs as well,’ – Saadiq Khan, Chicken Cottage Awards 2012.


South London’s finest chicken shop chain has become so popular it has recently crossed north of the river looking to expand and capitalise on it’s street credibility with musicians and artists collaborating with such an iconic establishment. A Sri Lankan family run business since 1985, the expansion of Morley’s franchises has become part of the fabric of the South London community. ‘The beauty about Morley’s is the face of it has always been the people; whether they’re talking about it, singing about it, rapping about it, or the press are writing about it. When I drive around South London and I see a Morley’s, I get pride because I think that’s my Dad. My Dad started this and the people kept it going.” – Shan Selvendran, MD Morleys


Dixy chicken has been trading since 1986; it was founded by two British-Pakistani businessmen who had a foresight for a chicken brand which could cater for the diversified population of UK. Dixy was an instant success & soon there were over 50 branches of Dixy in UK alone and is one of the fastest growing chicken restaurant chains in Europe. Their vision was to simply bring great value food to food lovers from all communities, the world over.


The popularity of chicken shops has led to meteoric rise in independent shops opening across the UK over the past decade. From (unfortunately they don’t have a website!) located in the Midlands and North West of England; to Chicken Land slowly expanding itself across the north of London, only time will tell how rapidly we see these smaller independent chains spread its wings nationally and with time, globally.