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The Case Studies


Music – Boiler Room


 ‘ACMS’s unique offering very much fell inline with what Boiler room are all about -authenticity and originality. It’s been a real pleasure working with the team at ACMS and we look forward to growing the relations and implement our next phase in Q2!‘ 

Steve Appleyard, COO Boiler Room

The Aim

 Boiler Room is a leader in hosting and live streaming Underground Music events to its loyal and dedicated social following of 5m+ users. Never having used OOH as a broadcast platform, our aim was to raise and amplify awareness of Boiler Rooms 3 core campaigns over 6months with an always on approach.

The Strategy

System: Migrant Sound was a campaign celebrating sound-system cultures from across the Caribbean and Latin America. As part of this, Boiler Room hosted a run of events across the summer, and ACMS activated D-OOH sites within 15 mins approx of the events, activating from 7pm-2am when partygoers would be out in full force. Full domination of the screens on the day of the events delivered a time-specific push to ensure Boiler Room’s parties would be jam-packed.

Gasworks was Boiler Room’s breakfast chat show that launched in Oct’ 2018 targeting 16-24 urban youth. Displaying 10 x snippets of the show’s funniest
moments on national scale, the aim was to drive viewership to Boiler Room’s online platforms.

Palestine Underground was Boiler Room’s documentary detailing the burgeoning underground music scene in Palestine. A national campaign up-weighted in areas that indexed highly with a young clubbing audience.

The Results

400k number of YouTube views of System live broadcasts.

+33% increase in viewers of Palestine Underground 4weeks post live date.

+29% increase in Gasworks audience viewing after the 2nd week of campaign.

Education – Global Academy

‘Great creative fit in the right environment where today’s youth hang out is what makes this campaign a huge success. It’s fresh and it’s smart.’
Jonathan Jacob – Head of External Relations & Careers

The Aim

Global Academy is a unique school for 14-19 year olds specialising in the broadcast and digital media industry. Global, the media & entertainment company behind some of the UK’s best-loved radio brands, are the driving force behind the Global Academy. They are determined to help young people fulfil their potential and want to extend this opportunity to students from all backgrounds.

The Strategy

Objective: Drive awareness and consideration of Global Academy to Year 10 and Year 12 school students in neighbouring areas to the Academy. Activity to run alongside local radio & social.

Locations: Hayes & South Ruislip Chicken Shops

Flighting: Half-term
• 5th – 25th November ‘18
• 28th Feb –8th March ’19

Daypart: Mon-Friday @ 2pm – 6pm (School rush)

The Results

Spikes in subscription when all activity was live has resulted in Global Academy being over subscribed with a 3 month waiting list.

Retail – Nike


‘Great to work with ACMS, a brand new concept that is innovative yet so simple…..a truly effective way to target the untapped audiences that are key for our brand and culturally so relevant….. in the words of my client Randy – Head of Marketing EMEA “My man, looks sick!”’
Andrew Brunton, Nike, EMEA OOH | Account Director – Mindshare / Kine tic

The Aim

Nike’s tongue-in-cheek campaign promoting the new PhantomVSN football boot received such strong traction across their social platforms, they wanted to amplify this on an OOH network that targets the young urban male teen audience across London. First time Nike trialled the Chicken Shop space –first ever client for ACMS.

The Strategy

The campaign launched 27th September to 4th October 2018 and ran across 27 x shops / 42 screens across London. Three different creatives were used in equal rotation and delivered over 2.6m impacts. The campaign was up-weighted during the hours of 2pm – 6pm to target the school rush when teen demographics indexed the highest.

A hoax hotline number was on the creative to encourage people to call if they had embarrassed themselves on the football pitch. However the calls were not tracked and instead used as an optional call to action as campaign humour & aesthetic.

The Feedback

’Chicken shops target a wide variety of audiences and is a great branding technique…I like it cos its different..’
Joseph Femi, Camberwell College

‘Yeah I’ve seen this Nike campaign….but only in chicken shops….it really stands out’.
Jameela Apendi, Highams Park School

‘When you’re waiting for your food you want to look at something different…..and then you see Nike and think “I want those shoes!”’
Amisha Kayenta, Norwood School

‘I think they’re pretty smart in terms of advertising….your reaching a new generation..’
Arun Patel, St Joseph’s College

Charity – Bite the ballot

The 2019 General Election was going to be the most important for a generation, none more so than for the 18-34yr olds whose future would be shaped by the outcome of the vote. In a climate of fake news, and general saturation of the issues this election would go on to affect, there was a real sense of lethargy amongst BAME groups who questioned the relevance of politics in their lives. Bite the Ballot, a non-political charity directed at increasing engagement in political debate amongst youth and ethnic groups, needed to get people thinking about the issues of the day and register to vote. They needed to change behaviour, get people involved and engage young, eligible voters.

The Thinking

Use of social media with TV and radio would offer reach, but it was these mediums that were being polluted with the political spin and noise that was turning this audience off. We needed to engage with the audience on their terms and in their world. Where youth clubs have closed down chicken shops have become the new ‘chill spot’ for inner city youth. We also knew this audience were huge gamers, none more so than when they had their mobiles in their hands.

The Idea

Gamification of the election through the creation of a mobile phone game. Based on how questions were answered relating to themes and political issues around the election, the game would compare your choices to those of other players to show that you weren’t alone in the choices that could influence the forthcoming election. The game was designed to reflect election themes that were relevant to audiences, spark interest, encourage involvement and ultimately register to vote.

The Results

The campaign delivered 4.8m impacts across 33 locations in 3 weeks, with an average of 250 users per store playing the game. More importantly, it had an effect. Electoral Reform Society analysis showed that in the 29 days between announcement of the election and deadline to register to vote, there were 3.9 million applications – 133k per day – up 34.4% vs the previous general election, with 67% of these applications coming from 34yr olds and younger..’